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A little bit about Eilat Stone Polishing.

Marble flooring adds a certain style and elegance wherever it is incorporated into residential or commercial décor. It only makes smart sense to safeguard the beauty of marble after investing in the expense of installation by regular continuous professional service and maintenance.
Since maintenance is one of the principal reasons the floor keeps its structure, colour, elegance and shine, you can be sure we give you the best service with the most preferred strategy for keeping the floor just like new.

Eilat Stone Polishing Offers the Following Stone, Tile and Grout Restoration, Repair and Care Services:


  • Eilat Stone Polishing Offered Include: Marble cleaning, Marble polishing, Marble restoration, Marble repairs , Marble maintenance

  • Granite Services Include: Granite cleaning, granite polishing, granite repairs, granite restoration, Granite maintenance

  • Limestone Services Include: Limestone cleaning, Limestone polishing, Limestone restoration, Limestone grinding, Limestone repairs, Limestone filling holes, Limestone fixing cracks, Limestone flattening, Limestone maintenance schedule

  • Terrazzo Services Include: Terrazzo cleaning, Terrazzo polishing, Terrazzo restoration, Terrazzo repairs,Terrazzo maintenance

  • Travertine Services Include: Travertine cleaning, Travertine polishing, Travertine restoration, Travertine repairs, Travertine maintenance

  • Tile & Grout Services Include: Grout cleaning, Grout pressure washing, Grout sealing,Grout stain sealing, Grout replacement, Grout fixing cracks, Grout maintenance

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